Research on transdisciplinary processes

Transdisciplinary research, as it is key for climate services, needs intensive exchange between the different actors in science, politics, in economy and administration. Thus, one basis of effective climate services is the dialogue between the climate service provider and the users and potential clients. The purpose is either to find out about the users’ needs or to develop a product jointly. In order to contribute to an improvement of transdisciplinary processes, GERICS is engaged in the research regarding this co-creation of knowledge.

Respective questions are for example: What makes stakeholder dialogues effective and successful? How can the dialogue processes be organized? What does the assessment of transdisciplinary research processes look like? In cooperation with specialists in trandisciplinarity and in certain networks, the character of co-creation and its special methodology are assessed. The findings about good quality are re-fed into epistemic research and reflected in terms of quality management and control.

further information (in German only)

Report 23: Integrating Science and Practice as a Research Mode – a Literature Review 29 publications referring to the evaluation of criteria and indicators, measuring co-creation processes (100 KB)Poster: Towards a framework for the evaluation of climate service and knowledge transfer products within climate and coastal research (184 KB)Schuck-Zöller, S.;Cortekar, J.; Jacob, D. (2018): Evaluation transdisziplinärer Forschung und deren Rahmenbedingungen. Vorüberlegungen zur Nutzung im Bereich von Klimaservice In: fteval Journal 45, p 28-37 (in German only)