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Climate-Focus-Paper "Regional Sea Level Rise - South Asia"

The Climate-Focus-Paper Regional Sea Level Rise - South Asia highlights the challenge of understanding changes in sea level, and the associated impacts, for the Bay of Bengal, a region in south Asia.

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Publikationen / Publications

IMPACT2C Policy Brief 1

Policy Update on 2°C Warming – Analysis of early IMPACT 2C climate modelling results

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IMPACT2C Policy Brief 3

Effects of 2°C Warming – IMPACT2C modelling results for a 2°C climate for key global vulnerable regions

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IMPACT2C Policy Brief 2

Effects of 2°C Warming – IMPACT2C modelling results: climate change and sea-level rise from a 2°C climate

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IMPACT2C – Project Final Report

A comprehensive assessment of the impacts and costs of a temperature increase of +2°C (or +1.5°C) on different sectors such as water, energy, agriculture, infrastructure and health has been undertaken

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Report 21

Considering scale and scaling for vulnerability and adaptation studies in the water sector – Case studies in four geographies

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