Evaluation of Climate Services

Traditional evaluation criteria from basic research (e.g. number and quality of publications) cannot be simply transferred to the evaluation of transdisciplinary processes or resulting climate service products (e.g. data portal, fact sheet).

Special quality dimensions, criteria and indicators needed for an evaluation of transdisciplinary processes are partly being discussed in literature. For an evaluation of climate services, it has to be reflected, which indicators can be derived from other transdisciplinary research fields and especially adopted to the issues, research questions and methods of climate services.

GERICS acted as co-convener of a session at the European Meteorological Society (EMS) 2016 meeting in cooperation with HZG and AWI. The session was entitled “Evaluation and quality assurance of climate services – Methods, criteria and pitfalls (co-organized)”.

16th EMS Annual Meeting & 11th European Conference on Applied Climatology (ECAC), 12–16 September 2016, Trieste, Italy

For details and presentation held, see here