Climate Service Infrastructure

A solid up-to-date scientific data base, smooth process flows, a powerful infrastructure in combination with user oriented dissemination tools and well-functioning quality control mechanisms are key elements for the development of pour prototype climate service products. The following components can be linked with the term “climate service infrastructure”:

  • Access to the newest generation of high-performance: Sufficient computing time and adequate memory are essential prerequisites to perform model simulations and analyze and process model data.
  • Access to models and analysis tools: In the field of system dynamics modelling we are currently developing a modular system modelling tool, which can be used for various kinds of applications (e.g. a regional system like a city or a river delta). One key objective is to foster the transfer from disciplinary research activities towards inter- to transdisciplinary system driven approaches.
  • Access to high-resolution climate change and climate impact data: In the field of generation of high-resolution climate change information needed at regional to local levels, we are currently coordinating the EURO-CORDEX initiative. Another important activity is the development of tools for generating climate change information at a local scale.
  • Vital interface to actors from practice and users of the products: Via the generation of the IMPACT2C web-atlas in the frame of the EU project IMPACT2C we have performed an innovative activity to improve the access of users and stakeholders to standardized, high-quality and multi-sectoral climate change and climate impact information.
  • Comprehensive quality control system: Our quality control system is developed and improved continuously towards a common comprehensive quality control concept for all GERICS products and activities (ranging from the generation of raw data output from models to individual service products and our different publications and reports).
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