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Baukästen / Toolkits

Adaptation toolkit for cities (Stadtbaukasten)

The modular designed advisory tool supports cities and municipalities in developing and implementing adaptation policies, considering both climate change mitigation and adaptation. Due to its modular structure, it is flexible and transparent and provides tailored advice. There is a direct interface between the adaptation toolkit for cities and the company toolbox.


Regionaler Modellierbaukasten

Der Regionale Modellierbaukasten soll die Simulation und Verknüpfung aller für die Region wesentlichen Komponenten, menschliche Einflüsse einbeziehen, wie z.B. Städte, Boden, Wälder, ganze Ökosysteme oder Landnutzung.

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Climate-Focus-Paper "Cities and Climate Change"

The Climate-Focus-Paper Cities and Climate Change has been developed to highlight the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through climate mitigation policies, as well as for adaptation action to combat existing and potential climate impacts for cities.

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Karten und Visualisierungen / Maps and Visualisations

GERICS Climate Signal Maps regional

Climate Signal Maps help to assess future regional climate change in Germany.

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Climate Signal Maps global

The global Climate Signal Maps are mapping the robustness of global climate change information.

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Publikationen / Publications

IMPACT2C Policy Brief 2

Effects of 2°C Warming – IMPACT2C modelling results: climate change and sea-level rise from a 2°C climate

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IMPACT2C – Project Final Report

A comprehensive assessment of the impacts and costs of a temperature increase of +2°C (or +1.5°C) on different sectors such as water, energy, agriculture, infrastructure and health has been undertaken

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IMPACT2C Policy Brief 1

Policy Update on 2°C Warming – Analysis of early IMPACT 2C climate modelling results

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IMPACT2C Policy Brief 3

Effects of 2°C Warming – IMPACT2C modelling results for a 2°C climate for key global vulnerable regions

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Klimawandel in Deutschland

The book comprises the first ever collection and synthesis of all existing information about climate change in Germany.

Klimawandel in Deutschland


Report 25

Informations- und Unterstützungsbedarf von Kommunen zur Anpassung an die Folgen des Klimawandels

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Report 26

Barriers to Climate Change Adaptation in Urban Areas in Germany

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Report 17

Adapting to Climate Change: Methods and Tools for Climate Risk Management

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Report 24

Urban trees under climate change. Potential impacts of dry spells and heat waves in three German regions in the 2050s

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