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Country-Fact-Sheets for the Congo-Basin with detailed sheets for Climate, Hydro & Energy, Agriculture, Forestry

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Baukästen / Toolkits

Regional Modelling Toolkit (Regionaler Modellierbaukasten)

The Regional Modelling Toolkit will allow to analyse the impacts of climate change in a region. The size of the region that will be investigated can range from continental scale to the size of the city.

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Karten und Visualisierungen / Maps and Visualisations

GERICS Climate Signal Maps regional

Climate Signal Maps help to assess future regional climate change in Germany.

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Climate Signal Maps global

The global Climate Signal Maps are mapping the robustness of global climate change information.

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Publikationen / Publications

Klimawandel in Deutschland

The book comprises the first ever collection and synthesis of all existing information about climate change in Germany.

Klimawandel in Deutschland

Klimawandelvermeidung und Anpassung im Energiesektor

Klimawandel Branchenfokus im Energiesektor

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IMPACT2C Policy Brief 1

Policy Update on 2°C Warming – Analysis of early IMPACT 2C climate modelling results

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Report 14

Der deutsche Energiesektor und seine mögliche Betroffenheit durch den Klimawandel - Synthese der bisherigen Aktivitäten und Erkenntnisse

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Report 17

Adapting to Climate Change: Methods and Tools for Climate Risk Management

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Report 11

Climate Change Scenarios for the Congo Basin - Final Report

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Report 5

Schneelast an Stromleitungen – Heute und in Zukunft

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